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EFI answers questions ahead of E-Pack US 2023!


Kerry Sanders is the Vice President, eCommerce Center of Excellence for EFI and focuses on driving awareness and adoption of EFI digital printing solutions for corrugated packaging in the eCommerce customer segment. Kerry's unique perspectives are informed by his executive experience in business development, operations, and marketing for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining EFI, Kerry served as Executive Vice President, Global Business Development at Craft Worldwide, an Interpublic Group (IPG) agency. Prior to Craft, Kerry held key leadership roles in sales and marketing at HP and Xerox, focusing on global new product introductions for digital transformations.

Kerry will be presenting The CX Gap Brands and (R)etailers Have Overlooked on Day Two of E-Pack US

What are three major trends you feel the e-commerce packaging industry needs to watch in the upcoming years?

  1. Corrugated packaging is a key part of eCommerce Customer Experience (CX) so should be strategically leveraged by marketing within brands and retailers
  2. Ships In Own Container (SIOC) is a opportunity for brands to reduce costs, control brand experience, activate cross-promo offers, and gather zero-party data
  3. On Box Advertising (OBA) is proving to be a very effective channel for cutting through the digital ad overload consumers face each day

What are three major takeaways you want the E-Pack US audience to have from your presentation?

  1. In the world of big advertising, always-on media, digital optimization, and obsession with CX…an important part of every eCommerce journey has often been overlooked…CORRUGATED PACKAGING!!!
  2. Not all eCommerce shopping experiences are the same. Box decoration requirements vary by consumer journey and business requirement.
  3. Innovations in digital print for corrugated packaging enable better brand and business outcomes.