Meet the 2020 speaker lineup for E-PACK US.
Tania Montesi - H.B. Fuller

Tania Montesi

Business Development Manager/E-Commerce Packaging Manager at H.B. Fuller
Eric Maclean - Kimberly-Clark

Eric Maclean

Design Manager at Kimberly-Clark
Leela Dilkes-Hoffman - Ellen MacArthur Foundation, UK

Leela Dilkes-Hoffman

Senior Research Analyst at Ellen MacArthur Foundation, UK
Joyce Gagnon - Grove Collaborative

Joyce Gagnon

Director, Sustainability at Grove Collaborative
Brent Lindberg - Fuseneo, USA

Brent Lindberg

Founder and Principal at Fuseneo, USA
Mayo Akindele - Nomad Spirits Company & Nomad Wellness Company

Mayo Akindele

Founder at Nomad Spirits Company & Nomad Wellness Company
Daryl Emery - Straub Design

Daryl Emery

Director of Sales at Straub Design
Nicole Juntunen - AeroFlexx

Nicole Juntunen

Vice President of Commercial and Business Development at AeroFlexx
Mitch Barlas - RePack

Mitch Barlas

Director, USA/Canada at RePack
Benjamin Trent - Smithers

Benjamin Trent

Managing Consultant at Smithers
Katie Schomberg - Aptar Beauty + Home

Katie Schomberg

Director of Business Development for the Home Care market at Aptar Beauty + Home
Michel Heck - DHL

Michel Heck

Innovation Manager at DHL
Eric Lausch - Kimberly-Clark

Eric Lausch

Packaging Engineer at Kimberly-Clark
Suzanne Shelton - Shelton Group

Suzanne Shelton

President & CEO at Shelton Group
Anthony Rossi - Loop

Anthony Rossi

VP, Global Business Development at Loop