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Speaker Interview - Mondi

Hear from Mondi's Daniela Dorner

Ahead of the upcoming much-anticipated E-PACK Europe Summit, we spoke to Daniela Dorner, eCommerce Director at Mondi, who will be presenting as part of the sustainability realism - beyond the reduce / reuse / recycle hyberbole session on day one of the event.

Daniela, your presentation will look at multiple levers of sustainability within e-commerce packaging, can you give us a sneak preview of what delegates will hear?

After many years in the packaging and paper industry, it is still surprising to me to see how many aspects of sustainability not only our industry, but also our solutions touch. I do hope to share some insights with delegates on how packaging can play a crucial part in making your (online) business more sustainable.

Why did you choose to tackle this topic?

We do see sustainability and innovation as core topics for us players in e-commerce packaging. According to our research conducted in Q4 2021, consumers confirm that packaging makes a difference. 48% would be convinced by a nice 'unboxing moment' due to the attractive packaging to order from the same store online again.

There is a sense of urgency to take action. Packaging is part of the solution to make e-commerce more eco-friendly. Yet where to start? There are many levers influencing sustainability performance - thus so many considerations to take under account when designing sustainable packaging. We shed some light on these issues and raise awareness for a nuanced debate.

What do you consider to be the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the e-commerce packaging sector is facing at the moment?

E-commerce is here to stay, also post-pandemic, as a growing sales channel. Consumers demand fast shipments in sustainable packaging. Across the value chain, these expectations and challenges are passed on throughout the supply network from brand owners to manufacturers. How will an increase in shipments and the call for more sustainable e-commerce go together? Packaging of the right quality, optimised to protect the product bought online at minimal resource usage requires constant innovation and the smartest solution. Paper-based packaging material is circular by design and is ready to perfectly cater to those needs and requirements.

What are you most looking forward to hearing about and discussing with your peers at E-PACK Europe 2022?

I am keen on collecting different viewpoints on trends including automation, hearing from brand owners about their challenges and initiatives and sharing ideas on how we can collectively, across the e-commerce value chain, progress in making e-commerce more sustainable - with packaging being part of the solution.

Daniela will present as part of the 'Sustainability realism - beyond the reduce / reuse / recycle hyperbole' at E-PACK Europe 2022. Other presentations in the session include:

  • Roadmap to sustainable e-commerce packaging: Current status and future requirements - Jenni Kärkkäinen, Senior Principal, Packaging at AFRY Management Consulting
  • Update on lifestyle assessment: Comparing the environmental impact of sustainable paper-based e-commerce packaging alternatives - Radka Peterson, Sustainability Manager, Billerudkorsnäs