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Registration and morning refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Opening Presentation
The European e-commerce market – still buoyant or sinking under economic pressure?
Keynote Presentation
Efficient eCommerce: The intersection of packaging innovation and automation
  • Explore the future of efficient eCommerce fulfillment through packaging innovation and automation
  • Showcasing the latest sustainable packaging design, materials, and automation technology
  • Unique approach to automating packaging with easy-to-service machines delivers tangible results
  • Join us to discover the future of eCommerce fulfillment through packaging innovation and automation!

Nedim Nisic | eCommerce Director, Mondi Group
Networking break
Right-sized packaging automation: unlocking sustainability, process optimization and enhanced customer experience
A journey through Decathlon fulfilment process with CMC Genesys
  • Improved workflow
  • Volumes optimization
  • Efficiency and waste reduction
Tania Torcolacci, Marketing Manager, CMC Technologies
Katharina Böhler | E-commerce Efficiency and Packaging, B2C Logistics, Decathlon
Packaging's Big Role in eCommerce
  • How can packaging speed fulfilment
  • Packaging & Customer Loyalty
  • What is packaging's opportunity for the future with view of automisation and AI

Karla Tankersley | Lead Director of Business Solutions, Ralph Lauren
How automated packing solutions can improve productivity, cut costs, reduce environmental impact and enhance end-consumer satisfaction
Automated packing systems:
  • Use 3D scanning technology to custom fit boxes to their contents
  • Support growth and sustainability strategies
  • Increase productivity and employee safety while reducing costs, improving sustainability, and enhancing the end consumer’s experience
  • Are suitable for businesses of every size to fully automate their order preparation process

Marcin Pfeifer | Head of Solution Design Central Europe, GXO
Future trends in sustainability in e-commerce packaging
  • Current and future packaging volumes and values
  • Sustainability – what are its components?
    • Defining sustainability
  • Meeting the brief
    • Recyclable
    • Rightsized
    • Returnable
  • Future trends

Stephen Harrod | Consultant, Paper and Board, Packaging, Smithers
Networking lunch
Enhance sustainability with packaging optimization and material innovation
  • Future-proofing e-commerce packaging to become more sustainable while delivering customer value
  • What makes a good, sustainable e-commerce packaging design
  • How to determine the point where packaging material waste, cost, and product damage rate curves meet
  • Replacing plastics with new pulp-based materials: wood foams and formed fiber
  • Couple of relevant customer cases presented and discussed to inspire
Ivan Christensen, Business Development Manager, Stora Enso
Philipp Keil | Design Director, Stora Enso
Circular online packaging uses smart design and is fibre-based
  • Fresh wood-fibre packaging is renewable, easy to recycle and comes with a low carbon footprint
  • Smart packaging design gives protection and creates positive consumer experiences
  • Lightweight paperboard replaces fossil-based materials

Iiro Numminen | Structural Packaging Designer, Metsä Board
10x Design: Essential considerations for sustainable and memorable e-commerce packaging
  • Why: Upcoming legislation prioritises sustainable packaging; brands must adapt to re-main competitive and reduce environmental impact
  • How: SIOC-ready solutions ensure PPWR compliance; sustainability scorecard im-proves packaging sustainability
  • What: Act now to create more sustainable packaging: audit your current approach, col-laborate, and fundamentally rethink your design having 10x in mind

Claudia Rivinius | Marketing Director, STI Group
Collaborative solutions to enable fiber-based packaging
  • Key success factors in this collaboration were:
  • Role of coatings and inks in package
  • Speed enabled by value chain position
  • High level of competency in product safety and responsibility

Oliver Waddington | Head of Business Development, Waterbased Coatings, Siegwerk
Networking Break
FMCG consumer packaging trends – it’s all about sustainability?!?”
  • What trends can be identified in the FMCG e-commerce sector?
  • Development of e-commerce in Austria
  • Just trends or „must-haves” à that’s the question for your future business
  • Sustainability - even in times of high inflation?
Christina Tönniges, Senior Consultant Advanced Solutions, GfK
The CX gap you might have overlooked
  • 75% of brands and retailers state eCommerce packaging design and decoration is "very important" to their organization
  • On box advertising is 4.1X more effective than digital ads
  • EFI will share research results and discuss the most compelling benefits of and biggest barriers to improved eCommerce corrugated packaging as a brand engagement strategy

Kerry Sanders | VP Market Development, EFI
Designing E-commerce packaging:Riding the Customer's Roller Coaster from Click to Reorder!
  • E-commerce: A roller coaster of emotions for the consumer, where packaging plays a strategic role
  • The 5 easys: A guide to not miss any critical point when designing e-commerce packaging
  • Main trends within the 5 easys
Stefania Boda, Regional Design Lead EE, DS Smith
Claudia Tamayo Iannini | European eCommerce Design Manager, DS Smith
Chair’s closing remarks and end of day one
Networking drinks reception
Registration and morning refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Optimising waste in ecommerce packaging
  • Packaging waste in eCommerce packaging
  • Defining and reducing package waste
  • Challenging conventional material choices, labor practices, and packaging strategies
  • Innovation and unconventional packaging methods to achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability in the eCommerce industry

Scott Farber | Global Head of Market Strategy - Paper Solutions, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
Interview with the EU Commission
Moderator: Tom Hallam, Project Director, Packaging Consultancy , Smithers
Mattia Pellegrini | Head of Unit DG ENV, European Commission
Panel Discussion: E-commerce packaging waste: Just recycle it!?!
  • Are paper bags, corrugated cardboard boxes and recycling the answer?
  • Challenges of the Polybags and protective plastic packaging recycling
  • Open or closed loop recycling or both? What is best for the environment?
  • Are all reusable packaging recyclable?
Moderator: Annica Eldh, Innovation and R&D, H&M Group
Panelists: Lee-Ann Unger, Senior Corporate Campaigner, Canopy
Dieter Schuch, Head of Research & Development, Altstoff Recycling Austria (ARA)
Andreas Pertl, Managing Director, VKS Verpackungskoordinierungsstelle
Mark van der Merwe, Business Development Director, Billerud
Data - the future of packaging
  • Transparent structural packaging and sustainability data
  • Optimize packaging, manage compliance and tax liabilities whilst reducing your environmental impact
  • Valuable insights into Walmart’s packaging sustainability journey and goals to manage packaging sustainability everyday
  • Assess your packaging requirements on a macro and micro level

Gillian Garside-Wight | Consulting Director, Aura
Networking break
The role of adhesives, coatings and tapes in the packaging and packaging waste directive
  • E-commerce market trends & outlook
  • Impact of new legislations; proposed mandate space reduction
  • Right-size packaging, unboxing experience
  • Solutions to help meet the trends & regulations

Jonathan Manterfield | eCommerce Business Development Manager - Europe, H.B. Fuller
Future of reuse systems in E-commerce packaging – role of corrugated in the future
  • PPWR
  • Packaging waste reduction
  • Paradigm shift
  • Reusable packaging
  • Consequences for E-commerce packaging
  • Innovation

Christoph Euringer | Principal, AFRY Management Consulting
The future of circular packaging
  • The Ecommerce packaging problem
  • The solution is already available
  • Legislation
  • But….is it really sustainable? And why always ask for an LCA?
  • What are the pitfalls?
  • A real life example

Thomas Fugl | Co-founder & CCO , RE-ZIP
Myths and facts about reusable packaging in eCommerce
  • What factors are important, when choosing sustainable packaging?
  • Is reusable packaging worth it for eCommerce retailers and what do consumers have to say?
  • What critical factors are there to bring reusable packaging to success? A close look on longevity, deposit system, number of cycles, political framework

Doris Diebold | CEO and Founder , hey circle
Panel Question and Answers
Thomas Fugl, CEO & CCO, Re-Zip
Doris Diebold, CEO, Hey Circle
Marc Sarmiento, Head of Research & Innovation, Austrian Post
Networking lunch
After the networking lunch delegates can book onto the masterclass 
Masterclass sponsored by EFI
14:30-16:00 Is On Box Advertising in Europe a new opportunity?
  • The rise of Retail Media Networks and why this is important for the packaging industry
  • Why is OBA an effective and emerging ad channel?
  • The OBA opportunity for advertisers, retailers and corrugated providers
  • OBA current state in US
  • Workshop European dependencies, potential barriers to adoption and requirements for success
Kerry Sanders, VP E-Commerce COE, EFI      
Trevor Bisset, MD, Caps Cases
Further speakers to be announced