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Speaker Interview - Bobst

Bobst on how e-commerce is transforming the role of consumer packaging

Ahead of the much-anticipated E-PACK Europe 2019 Summit, we spoke to Francois Martin, Senior Communication Advisor at Bobst, to get his insights into challenges faced by CPGs, how e-commerce is transforming the role of consumer packaging and more.

How will e-commerce transform the role of consumer packaging?

E-commerce is a growth engine generating demand for more boxes but new type of boxes. The market will require a higher volume of low cost commodity boxes with simple print, a higher volume or high-graphics commodity boxes, a growing number of customized boxes with simple or high graphics in various sizes and various amounts. At the same time, e-commerce will require more robust packaging, right-size packaging, safer packaging and sustainable packaging to enable a perfect out-of-the-box experience. All these needs are expressed but not yet fulfilled. e-commerce is here to stay and will further grow.

What are the main challenges brands and retailers are currently facing in the e-commerce packaging industry?

Brands require from their suppliers more agility for a faster time-to-market, more flexibility and better quality boxes matching various requirements. The packaging play a major role in e-commerce. This is part of the consumer experience and representing the brand properly – quality, opening, returns, protection.

Why do think it is important for this supply chain to have an open dialogue around challenges that CPGs are facing in the e-commerce space?

Brand owners and packaging manufacturers need to work hand in hand to address the consumer needs within the e-commerce space. Large and small CPG require very diverse type pf boxes. This leads packaging converters to seek for more automation within the packaging production process. Boxes need better matching of the product to pack - various sizes to reduce wasted space, various type of boxes to effectively protects different type of goods. Brand owners expect their suppliers to be connected to their supply chain delivering boxes on-demand. Last, brand owners expected from their suppliers true sustainable and reliable boxes and zero-default packaging

Why do you feel it’s important for people to attend E-PACK Europe 2019?

The way brand owners design, pack and distribute is changing rapidly. At E-pack the breath of presentations provides, in one location, the ability to understand the market dynamics and to prepare yourself for the future. The diverse presents is exceptional and will give attendees the opportunity to discover new things and to be inspired. Last and very important, the interactions between participants is very fruitful.

Francois spoke about 'The latest innovations for e-commerce corrugated packages production' at E-PACK Europe 2019 as part of the Innovation Panel. Other presenters at the innovation panel included:

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